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2016 Matinee Updates

May 17th, 2016 | Uncategorized | Comments Off on 2016 Matinee Updates

A general meeting was held on April 11th at the Kensington racetrack. Dates were set for the 2016 matinee Challenge Series and can be found on the Race Dates page.
Promotion was a topic of much discussion and it was agreed that a video should be created to go out on the live feed for the Summerside Final. Pictures of the drivers should be taken as they enter the track to showcase the young participants. There should be more publicity around the race dates, especially on the pre-race shows at Charlottetown. A suggestion was made to put the matinee race dates on the official race calendar. Meridien Farms subsidized the canteen at several events with free hot dogs and ice cream for children and these events should be publicized in advance.

There was much discussion about the whipping rule and the fact that although whips are not allowed in Challenge Series races, whips are being carried by some participants at some tracks.
A motion was made and passed unanimously that: NO TRACKS MAY ALLOW WHIPS ON TRACK DURING MATINEE RACING.
Therefore, schooling races for young horses where drivers feel the need to carry whips may not be carried on the same card as the Challenge Series or Matinee racing.