Matinee Championship Results

A Division
1 Aubins Pet, own. Mackenzie Arsenault, dr. Freeman Coughlin
2 Only A Rose, own. Heather Gamester, dr. Jim macMillan
3 Maplegrove Steph, own/dr. Cyrice Poirier
4 Step On Nanny, own. Byron Gamester, dr. Clifford Chappell
5 Blue To The Moon, own. George Arsenault, dr. Eddie Strongman
:31.1 1:02.3 1:36.2 2:09.1

C Division
1 Canvasback Bud, own/dr. Alan Craig
2 Show hall, own/dr. Clair Sweet
3 Life At Hickory, own/dr. Paul Conway
4 Bomber, own/dr. Wendy MacRae
5 GM Harbor, own. Teddy Smallwood, dr. Kevin Bower
:31 1:03 1:34.3 2:04.4

B Division (PEI Matinee Championship)
1 Island Tiara, own. Melvin Gamester, dr. Clair Sweet
2 Stracor, own. Brady Sweet, dr. Steven Sweet
3 Abby, own/dr. Austin Sorrie
4 A Teddy A Shine, own. Leo Bernard, dr. Aubin Doucette
5 Conway Jiggy, own/dr. Paul Conway
:31.1 1:03.1 1:34.3 2:06.3

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