Children’s Wish, O’Leary, Sept. 7

Race 1 sponsored by D & M Tools & Summerside Chrysler Dodge
1 Archie, own/dr Roger MacRae
2 Maplegrove Steph, own/dr Cyrice Poirier
3 Step On Nanny, own. Heather Gamester, dr. Nick MacGillvary
4 Blue To The Moon, own. George Arsenault
:35 1:10 1:44 2:16

Race 2, Boyd Tremere Memorial, also sponsored by Summerside Chrysler Dodge
1 Abby, own/dr Austin Sorrie
2 Bomber, own/dr Wendy macRae
3 Island Tiara, own. Melvin Gamester, dr. Clair Sweet
4 Time To Get Jiggy, own/dr Paul Conway
:32 1:04.1 1:36 2:11.2

Race 3 Marne Kennedy Memorial, also sponsored by Summerside Chrysler Dodge
1 Conway Jiggy, own/dr Paul Conway
2 A Teddy A Shine, own. Leo Bernard, dr. Clair Sweet
3 GM Harbour, own. Teddy Smallwood, dr. Kevin Bower
4 Stracor, own. Brady Sweet, dr. Ryan DesRoche
5 Only A Rose, own. Melvin Gamester, dr. Nick MacGillvary
:32 1:05 1:38 2:10

Race 4 Roger Coughlin Memorial, also sponsored by Advance Rentals
1 Show Hall, own/dr Clair Sweet
2 Canvasback Bud, own/dr Alan Craig
3 Disco Dot, own. Cam Trail, dr. Eddie Trail
4 Eww That Smell, own. Calvin Baglole, dr. Kyle DesRoche
:31.2 1:04 1:35 2:06

Race 5, The Wishmaker Pace, also sponsored by Greenhawk and Dickiesons Tire Recovery
1 Bizzy Izzy, own. Jeff Wallace, dr. Devon Wallace
2 Mr Pogge, own/dr Dana Sweet
3 Ultimate Faith, own. Abel Arsenault, dr. Ryan DesRoche
4 Melvins Boy, own/dr Nick MacGillvary
:30 1:00.1 1:31.2 2:03.4

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