2013 Directors Meeting

Directors of the PEI matinee tracks, matinee horsemen, Kent Oakes of the Department of Agriculture and Wayne Pike, General Manager of PEIHRIA, attended the 2013 Directors meeting at Kensington on April 4th.
Consensus was that the general rules of racing at the matinee tracks will remain the same: no whips except for schoolers (horsemen can carry whips to school a young horse but will not receive points or travel allowance for that race); horses must be reasonably fit to race or will not receive points or travel allowance; horsemen are not allowed alcohol before or during the races.
Wayne Pike confirmed that the PEIHRIA will continue supporting the Matinee Project.
Setting race dates for Kensington and Tyne Valley was made more difficult by the change in race days implemented for 2013 at Summerside Raceway.
The race dates confirmed to date are now posted on the Race Dates page of this website.
Any questions about dates or racing can be made to Susan Whelan at 902-887-2563.

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