Wishmaker Race, O’Leary, September 8, 2012

Race 1 Summerside Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Pace
1 Step On Nanny, owner Byron Gamester, driver Stuart Tremere
2 Sindersoot, owner Tyson Wilson, driver Ryan DesRoche
3 Blue To The Moon, owner George Arsenault, driver Paul Conway
4 MacKenzies Dream, owner/driver Terry Shea
:37.1 1:13.3 1:46.4 2:23

Race 2 Boyd Tremere Memorial
1 Mysty Fog, owner/driver Stuart Tremere
2 Diane Rammie, owner Shirlene O’Brien, driver Ryan DesRoche
3 Only A Rose, owner Heather Gamester, driver Clair Sweet
4 Tobins Quick, DNF
:34 1:07 1:39 2:12

Race 3 Marne Kennedy Memorial (with a presentation from Gardiners Feed Services to 2nd)
1 Island Tiara, owner Heather Gamester, driver Stuart Tremere
2 Stracor, owner Brady Sweet, driver Steven Sweet
3 Maple Grove Persephone, owner/driver Cyrice Poirier
4 Fabulous Alberta, owner/driver Terry Shea
:32.2 1:05 1:38.3 2:09.4

Race 4 Roger Coughlin Memorial (with presentation from Kevins Front End Service to 2nd)
1 Canvas Back Bud, owner/driver Allan Craig
2 N Xample Deal, owner/driver Molly Murphy
3 Millar Millar, owner Robert & Jennifer Parsons, driver Ryan Desroche
4 A Teddy Of Shine, owner Leo Bernard, driver Aubin Doucette
5 Doc Road Tanya, owner/driver Jeff Wallace
:32 1:03.3 1:36 2:07.3

Race 5 Wishmaker Pace, sponsored by Dickieson’s Tire Recovery (Fergusons Funeral Home to 2nd)
1 Lifes Last Hickory, owner/driver Paul Conway
2 Show Hall, owner/driver Clair Sweet
3 Queen Of Pembroke, owner Robert & Jennifer Parsons, driver Ryan DesRoche
4 Pictonian Press, owner/driver Bill Folland
5 Shinedes A DNF
:30.4 1:02.2 1:34.1 2:06.2

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