Prince County Exhibition, Alberton, July 28

Race 1
1 Blue To The Moon, own. George Arsenault, dr. Paul Conway
2 Step On Nanny, own. Byron Gamester, dr. Scott Tremere
3 Barney Baron, own/dr. William Folland
4 Sherwood Dexter, own. Byron Gamester, dr. Clair Sweet
5 Sindersoot, own. Rick & Nancy Dunville, dr. Brandon Darrach
6 Playin Rammie – DNF

Race 2
1 Power Of Xample, own. M Murphy, dr. H. Murphy
2 Pictonian Expresso, own. Walter Simmonds, dr. Norris Rogers
3 Mysty Fog, own/dr Stuart Tremere
4 Chloe Retsemeg, own. MacKenzie Arsenault, dr. Freeman Coughlin
5 Fabulous Alberta, own. Terry Shea, dr. Junior Pitre

Race 3
1 N Xample Deal, own/dr M. Murphy
2 Stracor, own. Brady Sweet, dr. Stephen Sweet
3 Millar Millar, own. Robert Parsons, dr. Ryan DesRoche
4 Island Tiara, own. Heather Gamester, dr. Stuart Tremere
5 Johns Fast Road, own/dr. Freeman Coughlin
6 Only A Rose, own. Heather Gamester, dr. Clair Sweet

Race 4
1 Phoebe Retsemeg, own. MacKenzie Arsenault, dr. Freeman Coughlin
2 Teddy A Shine, own. Leo Bernard, dr. Aubin Doucette
3 Coastal Jam, own. G Aitken & H Luce, dr. Norris Rogers
4 Baron Dexter, own. M MacDonald, dr. B Folland

Race 5
1 Queen Of Pembroke, own. Robert Parsons, dr. Ryan DesRoche
2 Boobah Speed, own. Sid DesRoches & Keith Gamble, dr. Joey Gamble
3 Lifes Last Hickory, own/dr. Paul Conway
4 Eww That Smell, own. Joey Baglole, dr. Brandon Darrach
5 Sweet Pea, own. Pat Murphy, dr. Tyler DesRoche

Race 6 (Harry O’Brien Memorial)
1 Deck The House, own. Corey Arsenault, dr. Norris Rogers
2 Dunk River Adam, own. Craig Avery, dr. Miles Burnett
3 Brace For The Chill, own/dr. Freeman Coughlin
4 Rivervue Jameen, own/dr. Ryan DesRoche
5 Pictonian Press, own/dr. Betty Folland

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