2012 Director’s Meeting

The Matinee Track directors held their annual meeting on Tuesday, April 3 in Kensington. Present were Kent Oakes from the Department of Agriculture, Wayne Pike, manager of PEIHRIA, Frank Hansen representing Tyne Valley, Clair Sweet of O’Leary, Fred Paynter for Kensington and Raymond White and Lowell Large of Pinette.
Kent Oakes said that he was not anticipating changes to the government’s support of the tracks but we would have to wait for the provincial budget to pass for confirmation.
Wayne Pike spoke of the strength grass roots racing at the matinee level lends to the racing industry as a whole. He said that new figures released show that PEI leads all of Canada in new memberships to Standardbred Canada on a percentage basis and we have the biggest proportion of members under 18 years of age. He asked all Island horsemen at all levels to stand together and present a united front in order to prevent the lack of government support seen in other provinces.
The directors discussed the 2011 matinee racing season and were unanimous in these points:
* Dangerous or reckless driving will result in both a loss of points and loss of travel allowance for that race.
* The no whipping rule will stand.
* Travel allowance (if available) will remain the same – $25 per starter and $50 for each horse that travels over 50 km. one way.
* Kensington entries must be made no later than the Thursday before the race.

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