Matinee Championship Final 2011

Jimmy MacMillan gave another drivers clinic on how to rate a mile at the Matinee Championship finals at Summerside on Sunday afternoon, winning three of the four races. In the Department of Agriculture trophy race, he circled the field past the half with Jennifer and Robert Parsons’ Miller Miller, hanging on for the win despite a late charge by Ryan DesRoche with the Parsons’ Sammys Luck. MacMillan won the first race with Ivan MacMillan’s Camillion and the third with another Parsons horse, Aria Aria. Brandon Darrach was the spoiler in the second race, a hard-fought battle in the stretch bringing Rags To Britches home first for Rick and Nancy Dunville.

Congratulations to all the participants for a great summer with a very professional looking championship final.
Complete Results:
Top Class Final: 2:02.2
1. Camillion, own. Ivan MacMillan, dr. Jimmy MacMillan
2. Rivervue Jameen, own/dr.. Ryan DesRoche
3. Stracor, own. Megan & Brady Sweet, dr. Steven Sweet
4. Butterscotch Belle, own. Olive Darrach, dr. Brandon Darrach
5. Ejs Fantasy, own. Stanley MacMillan
C Class: 2:14.4
1. Rags To Britches, own. Rick & Nancy Dunville, dr. Brandon Darrach
2. Step On Nanny, own. Byron Gamester, dr. Stuart Tremere
3. JIS, own/dr. Terry Shea
4. Blue To The Moon, own. George Arsenault, dr. Jim MacMillan
5. Julies Girl, own/dr. Clayton Adams
6. Windemere Dawn, own. Byron Gamester, dr. Clair Sweet
A Class: 2:02.2
1. Aria Aria, own. Jennifer & Robert Parsons, dr. Jim MacMillan
2. Tobins Quick, own. Terry Shea, dr. Freeman Coughlin
3. Marfas Vineyard, own. Jay Noye, dr. Jordan Hicken
4. Dreams, own. Ryan Neill, dr. Nick MacGillvary
5. Mysty Fog, own/dr. Stuart Tremere
6. Fabyoulus Alberta, own/dr. Terry Shea
B Class, Department of Agriculture Championship Final: 2:08.2
1. Miller Miller, own. Jennifer & Robert Parsons, dr. Jimmy MacMillan
2. Sammys Luck, own. Jennifer & Robert Parsons, dr. Ryan DesRoche
3. Hawaiian Iceman, own. Melvin Gamester, dr. Clair Sweet
4. Sherwood Dexter, own. Byron Gamester, dr. Nick MacGillvary
5. Sinderfoot, own. Rick & Nancy Dunville, dr. Brandon Darrach
6. Little Ben, own. Jonny Jones, dr. Stuart Tremere

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