Tyne Valley Results August 7th

Tyne Valley Results August 7, 2011

Race 1 Time 2:20 Owner Driver
1 Dream Spinner Robert Parsons Robbie Chappell
2 Golden Chances Ryan Desroche Kyle Desroche
3 Little Suzie George Arseault George Arseault
4 Lady Ati Terry Shea Kerry Shea
5 Mackenzies Dream Terry Shea Terry Shea

Race 2 Time 2:03.4 Owner Driver
1 Joanne Jet MacKenzie MacInnis MacKenzie MacInnis
2 NS Downey Darla MacEachern Darla MacEachern
3 Lock and Load West Keith Campbell Mikalea MacLaurin
4 Coors Life Mary Jean Noye Mary Jean Noye

Race 3 Time 2:14 Owner Driver
1 Sindersoot Nancy & Rick Dunville Brandon Darrach
2 Monique L Barry Folland Alton Millar
3 Julies Girl Clayton Adams Clayton Adams
4 Blue to the Moon George Arsenault Freeman Coughlin
5 Windamere Dawn Melvin Gamster
6 Step on Nanny Byron Gamester Clair Sweet

Race 4 Time 2:12 Owner Driver
1 Tobins Quick Terry Shea Terry Shea
2 Sherwood Dexter Melvin Gamster Clair Sweet
3 Just Like Mom Terry Tremere Freeman Coughlin

Race 5 Time 2:09.2 Owner Driver
1 Suitcase Rhonda MacAthur Greg MacInnis
2 Marfas Vineyard Jay Noye Nick MacGillvray
3 Millar Millar Robert Parsons Robbie Chappel
4 Rags to Britches Nancy & Rick Dunville Brandon Darrach
5 JIS Terry Shea Terry Shea

Race 6 Time 2:09.1 Owner Driver
1 Aramac Rebelerios Keith Campbell Mikalea MacLaurin
2 Casimere Jeter Keith Campbell Keith Campbell
3 Benny Hill Greg MacInnis Greg MacInnis
4 Sammy Luck Robert Parsons Ryan DesRoche

Race 7 Time 2:07 Owner
1 Dreams Ryan Neill Nick MacGillvray
2 Fabulous Alberta Terry Shea Terry Shea
3 Riverview Jameen Ryan DesRoche Ryan DesRoche
4 Butterscotch Belle Brandon Darrach Olive Darrach
5 Stracor Stephen Sweet Stepen Sweet
6 Island Tiara Melvin Gamester Clair Sweet

Race 8 Time 2:01.4 Owner Driver

1 Woodmere Fools Son Eric Johnson Jr Alton Millar
2 Silver Destiny Jason Sherry Jason Sherry
3 Little Channel Road James Campbell Ryan DesRoche
4 Camillion Ivan MacMillan Philip DesRoche

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