O’Leary, July 23, 2011

The O’Leary Potato Blossom Festival wrapped up Saturday July 23rd with an eight-race card at the Charles F Willis Memorial Racetrack.
Twelve-year-old Kyle Desroche was the crowd favorite in race one, winning his very first start with Gold And Chances, trained by his fifteen-year-old brother Ryan.
The horsemen and their families gathered on the track with Clair Sweet and the Byron Gamester-trained Sherwood Dexter, as a tribute to their late friend in the Harold Darrach Memorial.
MLA Robert Henderson sponsored the 7th race, won by Ryan DesRoche with Rivervue Jameen and the signature race, the Charles F Willis Memorial, was won by Clair Sweet with his own Shadowcross Cliff.
Complete results follow:
Race 1 D & M Tools
1. Gold And Chances, own. Ryan DesRoche, Dr. Kyle DesRoche
2. Little Suzie, own. George Arsenault, Dr. Freeman Coughlin
3. Lady ATI, own/Dr. Terry Shea
4. MacKenzies Dream, Own. Terry Shea, Dr. Kerry Shea
Race 2 Dr. Wade Sweet
1. Western Alexa, Own/Dr. Elton Miller
2. Sindersoot, Own. Rick & Nancy Dunville, Dr. Brandon Darrach
3. Blue To The Moon, Own. George Arsenault, Dr. Freemen Coughlin
4. Miss Benlaagin, Own/Dr. Cam Trail
5. Bloomin Magic, Own. Shirley Wallace, Dr. Wendall Wallace
Race 3 Hemphill Buick Chevrolet
1. JIS, Own/Dr. Terry Shea
2. Step On Nanny, Own. Melvin Gamester, Dr. Nick McGillvary
3. Julies Girl, Own/Dr. Clayton Adams
4. Windemere Dawn, Own. Byron Gamester, Dr. Clair Sweet
5. Just Like Mom, Own. Terry Tremere, Dr. Stuart Tremere
Race 4 Harold Darrach Memorial
1. Sherwood Dexter, Own. Byron Gamester, Dr. Clair Sweet
2. Little Ben, Own. Johny Jones, Dr. Stuart Tremere
3. Delicate Time, Own/Dr. Paul Conway
4. Tobins Quick, Own. Terry Shea, Dr. Freeman Coughlin
5. Acton Neon, DNF
Race 5 Ralph & Gary Rennie Memorial
1. Rags To Britches, Own. Rick & Nancy Dunville, Dr. Brandon Darrach
2. Marfas Vineyard, Own. Mary Jean Noye, Dr. Jay Noye
3. Island Tiara, Own. Heather Gamester, Dr. Stuart Tremere
4. Millar Millar, Own. Robert Parsons, Dr. Robert Chappell
5. Shang Hi Clyde, Own. Amy & Kyle DesRoche, Dr. Ryan DesRoche
Race 6 Linda Sweet Memorial
1. Dreams, Own/Dr. Ryan Neill
2. Misty Fog, Own/Dr. Stuart Tremere
3. Sammys Luck, Own. Robert Parsons, Dr. Ryan DesRoche
4. Aria Aria, Own. Robert Parsons, Dr. Robert Chappell
5. RE’s Dr Ian, Own/Dr. William Folland
Race 7 Robert Henderson MLA, 2nd Greenhawk Supplies
1. Rivervue Jameen, Own/Dr. Ryan DesRoche
2. Butterscotch Belle, Own. Olive Darrach, Dr. Brandon Darrach
3. A Della Mac, Own. Darren Silliker & Dana Sweet, Dr. Dana Sweet
4. Stracor, Own. Megan & Brady Sweet, Dr. Stephen Sweet
5. Fabulous Alberta, Own/Dr. Terry Shea
6. Pictonian Press, Own/Dr. William Folland
Race 8 Charles F Willis Memorial, 2nd Albert MacMillan Memorial
1. Shadowcross Cliff, Own/Dr. Clair Sweet
2. Bonneires Bubba, Own. Kristina McCourt, Dr. Devon Wallace
3. Balbriggan Fox, Own. Harold Culleton & Blain McKenna, Dr. Brandon Darrach
4. Camillion, Own. Ivan MacMillan, Dr. Phillip DesRoche
5. Pan Cushion, Own/Dr. Jordan Hicken

Best-dressed horse at the racetrack had to be Step On Nanny, and she grinned in appreciation.

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