July 9 O’Leary Results

Race 1 Mile Time 2:15:4
Owner Driver
1 School Girl Willy Mackay Willy Mackay
2 Step On Nanny Melvin Gamster Nick Macguillvary
3 Miss Benlaagin Cameron Trail Cameron Trail

Race 2 Mile Time 2:46:3

Owner Driver
1 Little Suzie George Arsenault Freeman Coughlin
2 A Horse of Course Freeman Coughlin Clayton Adams
3 Mackenzies Dream Terry Shea Terry Shea
4 Lady Ati Terry Shea Brandon Darrach

Race 3 Mile Time 2:22:2
Owner Driver
1 Little Ben John Jones Stuart Tremere
2 Sindersoot Ricky, Nancy Dumville Brandon Darrach
3 Windamere Dawn Byron Gamester Nick Macguillvary
4 Gold and Chances Ryan DesRoche Ryan DesRoche
5 Blue to the Moon George Arsenault Freeman Coughlin

Race 4 Mile Time 2:23:2
Owner Driver
1 Julies Girl Freeman Coughlin Clayton Adams
2 Tobins Quick Terry Shea Terry Shea
3 First Flight Home Willy Mackay Willy Mackay
4 Hawiian Ice man Melvin Gamster Nick Macguillvary
5 Just like Mom Terri Tremere Stuart Tremere

Race 5 Mile Time 2:24
Owner Driver
1 Mysty Fog Stuart Tremere Stuart Tremere
2 Delicate Time Paul Conway Paul Conway
3Sherwood Dexter Byron Gamester Robbie Chappell
4 JLS Terry Shea Terry Shea

Race 6 Mile Time 2:21:3
Owner Driver
1 Rags To Britches Ricky, Nancy Dumville Brandon Darrach
2 Marfas Vineyard Mary Jean Noye Nick Macguillvary
3 Shang Hi Clyde Amy,Kyloe DesRoche Ryan DesRoche
4 Millar Millar Robert Parsons Robert Parsons

Race 7 Mile Time 2:15:3
Owner Driver
1 Sammys Luck Robert Parsons Ryan DesRoche
2 Dreams Ryan Neill Nick Macguillvary
3 Aria Aria Robert Parsons Robbie Chappell
4 Annalytic Raymond White Raymond White

Race 8 Mile Time 2:13:2
Owner Driver
1 Butterscotch Belle Olive Darrach Brandon Darrach
2 Stacor Megan and Brady Sweet Stephen Sweet
3 E J Fantasy Stanley Maclillan Raymond White
4 Fabulous Alberta Terry Shea Terry Shea

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