July 31st Alberton Results

The fastest mile of the races at the Prince County Exhibition on Sunday was paced by Coors Life, owned by Jay Noye and driven to victory by Norris Rogers. This was Coors Life’s second consecutive win in the Harry O’ Brien Memorial, the winning driver receiving a trophy and the owner receiving a cooler and a set of harness. Jay Noye immediately donated the cooler to the Joe O’Brien museum in Alberton, run by Jack O’Brien. The race was unusual in that it featured three generations of drivers from the Wallace family – Wendall, his son Blair and his grandson Devon.
The Lloyd O’Brien Memorial was won by Marfas Vineyard, owned by Mary Jean Noye and also driven to victory by Norris Rogers.

The Syd Rennie Memorial trophy was presented to the winner of the ladies-only 5th race, Sandy MacDougall of O’Leary, racing Rivervue Jameen for Ryan DesRoche.

The Pat Murphy sponsored cooler in the first race was won by the dynamic duo of Kyle (driver) and Ryan (owner/trainer) DesRoche of O’Leary with perennial matinee campaigner Gold And Chances.

Complete Results:
Race 1 (Pat Murphy, Summerside Raceway)
1. Gold And Chances, own. Ryan DesRoche, Dr. Kyle DesRoche
2. Little Suzie, own. George Arsenault, Dr. Paul Conway
3. MacKenzies Dream, own/Dr. Terry Shea
4. Lady Ati, Own. Terry Shea, Dr. Kerry Shea

Race 2 (O’leary Co-Op, Alberton Fisheries)
1. Sindersoot, Own. Rick & Nancy Dunville, Dr. Brandon Darrach
2. Blue To The Moon, Own. George Arsenault, Dr. Paul Conway
3. Step On nanny, Own. Melvin Gamester, Dr. Clair Sweet
4. Bloomin Magic, Shirley Wallace, Dr. Wendall Wallace

Race 3 (R. H. Rennie & Sons, Tignish Credit Union)
1. Just Like Mom, Own. Terri Tremere, Dr. Freeman Coughlin
2. JIS, Own/Dr. Terry Shea
3. Julies Girl, Own/Dr. Clayton Adams
4. Windemere Dawn, Own. Byron Gamester, Dr. Clair Sweet

Race 4 (Central Credit Union, Gaudettes Transit Mix)
1. Rags To Britches, Own. Rick & Nancy Dunville, Dr. Brandon Darrach
2. Millar Millar, Own. Robert Parsons, Dr. Robbie Chappell
3. Misty Fog, Own/Dr. Stuart Tremere
4. Tobins Quick, Own/Dr. Terry Shea

Race 5 (Syd Rennie Memorial)
1. Rivervue Jameen, Own. Ryan DesRoche, Dr. Sandy macDougall
2. Bendolio, Own. Barb Murphy, Dr. Christina McCourt
3. Hawaiian Iceman, Own. Byron Gamester, Dr. Heather Gamester

Race 6 (Lloyd O’Brien Memorial, Harper’s Construction)
1. Marfas Vineyard, Own. Mary Jean Noye, Dr. Norris Rogers
2. Island Tiara, Own. Heather Gamester, Dr. Clair Sweet
3. Little Ben, Own. Jonny Jones, Dr. Stuart Tremere
4. Sherwood Dexter, Own. Byron Gamester, Dr. Phillip DesRoche
5. Delicate Time, Own/Dr. Paul Conway

Race 7 (Thomson Pace, Alberton Home Hardware)
1. Stracor, Own. Meagan & Brady Sweet, Dr. Steven Sweet
2. Fabulous Alberta, Own/Dr. Terry Shea
3. Butterscotch Belle, Own. Olive Darrach, Dr. Brandon Darrach
4. Aria Aria, Own. Robert Parsons, Dr. Robbie Chappell
5. Sammys Luck, Own. Robert Parsons, Dr. Ryan DesRoche

Race 8 (Harry O’Brien Memorial, town Of Alberton, Tignish Co-Op)
1. Coors Life, Own. Jaye Noye, Dr. Norris Rogers
2. Sassy Little Shark, Own. Shirley Wallace, Dr. Wendall Wallace
3. Golden Dreams Killean, Own/Dr. Ryan Neill
4. Cammillion, Own. Ivan MacMillan, Dr. Phillip DesRoche
5. Bonnaires Bubba, Own. Kristina McCourt, Dr. Devon Wallace
6. Jacks Pride, Own. Wendall Wallace, Dr. Blair Wallace

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