Father’s Day Card at Pinette June 19th

The first Sunday Challenge Series card at Pinette Raceway was a special day for Nick McGillvary, who drove his first two races ever and won both. It was also the scene of a hard-fought and Father’s Day father-son matchup featuring Raymond White and his son, who finished first and second in the third race. Raymond crossed the finish line on top in 2:09, fastest mile of the day on a heavy track.
Complete order of finish:
Race 1
1.Gascoine Astro, dr W. Sorrie
2.Danno, dr. G. Macguigan
3.Vegas Man, dr. K. White
4.Thunder On Friday, dr. G. MacDougall
Race 2
1.Chronology, dr. J. Clarey
2.Aria Aria, dr. R. Chappell
3.Hawaiian Ice Man, dr. W. Sorrie
4.Just Like Mom, dr. S. Tremere
Race 3
1.E Js Fantasy, dr. R. White
2.Annalitic, dr. B. White
3.Finns Lake, dr. J. Clarey
4.Sherwood Dexter, dr. S. Tremere
Race 4
1.Dreams, dr. N MacGillvary
2.Sammys Luck, dr. R. Chappell
3.Little Ron, dr. S. Tremere
4.Kate And Amy, dr. G. MacGuigan
Race 5
1.Scootin Up The Coast, dr. T. Wilkie
2.Canco Paula, dr. M. MacDonald
3.Tammy Little Star, dr. W. Sorrie
4.Sir Duncan, dr. K. White
Race 6
1.Bengal Lancer, dr. T. Wilkie
2.Misty Fog, dr. S. Tremere
3.Amber, G. MacGuigan
4.Marnie Rock, dr. W. Sorrie
5.Lornes Delight, dr. M. Stevenson
Race 7
1.Marthas Vineyard, dr. N. McGillvary
2.Miller Miller, dr. R. Chappell
3.Step On Nanny, dr. W. Sorrie
4.Windamere Dawn, dr. S. Tremere

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