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Father’s Day Card at Pinette June 19th

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The first Sunday Challenge Series card at Pinette Raceway was a special day for Nick McGillvary, who drove his first two races ever and won both. It was also the scene of a hard-fought and Father’s Day father-son matchup featuring Raymond White and his son, who finished first and second in the third race. Raymond crossed the finish line on top in 2:09, fastest mile of the day on a heavy track.
Complete order of finish:
Race 1
1.Gascoine Astro, dr W. Sorrie
2.Danno, dr. G. Macguigan
3.Vegas Man, dr. K. White
4.Thunder On Friday, dr. G. MacDougall
Race 2
1.Chronology, dr. J. Clarey
2.Aria Aria, dr. R. Chappell
3.Hawaiian Ice Man, dr. W. Sorrie
4.Just Like Mom, dr. S. Tremere
Race 3
1.E Js Fantasy, dr. R. White
2.Annalitic, dr. B. White
3.Finns Lake, dr. J. Clarey
4.Sherwood Dexter, dr. S. Tremere
Race 4
1.Dreams, dr. N MacGillvary
2.Sammys Luck, dr. R. Chappell
3.Little Ron, dr. S. Tremere
4.Kate And Amy, dr. G. MacGuigan
Race 5
1.Scootin Up The Coast, dr. T. Wilkie
2.Canco Paula, dr. M. MacDonald
3.Tammy Little Star, dr. W. Sorrie
4.Sir Duncan, dr. K. White
Race 6
1.Bengal Lancer, dr. T. Wilkie
2.Misty Fog, dr. S. Tremere
3.Amber, G. MacGuigan
4.Marnie Rock, dr. W. Sorrie
5.Lornes Delight, dr. M. Stevenson
Race 7
1.Marthas Vineyard, dr. N. McGillvary
2.Miller Miller, dr. R. Chappell
3.Step On Nanny, dr. W. Sorrie
4.Windamere Dawn, dr. S. Tremere

O’Leary Results, Saturday, June 11th

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The PEI Matinee season got off to a sunny start at the Charles F Willis Memorial Racetrack in O’Leary on Saturday, June 11th. Rookie Ryan Neill and veteran Freeman Coughlin had two wins each; Neill with his own horse, Dreams, and Mary Jean Noye’s Marfas Vineyard. Coughlin won the first race with George Arsenault’s Little Suzie and the fifth with his own Hawaiian Breeze. Fastest race of the day was Olive Darrach’s Butterscotch Belle in 2:11.1 with Brandon Darrach aboard.
Next Challenge Series race is Sunday, June 19th at Pinette Raceway, post time 1:30.
Full results:
Race 1 2:47
1. Little Suzie, own. George Arsenault, dr. Freeman Coughlin
2. Thunder Boy, own/dr. Aubin Doucette
3. MacKenzie Dream, own. Terry Shea, dr. Philip Desroche
4. Lady A Tea, Pulled up, DNF
Race 2 2:33
1. Hawaiian Iceman, own. Melvin Gamester, dr. Clair Sweet
2. Sammys Luck, own. Robert Parsons, dr. Philip DesRoche
3. Blue To The Moon, own. George Arsenault, dr Freeman Coughlin
4. Millar Millar, own. Robert Parsons, dr. Robbie Chappell
5. Gold And Chances, own/dr. Ryan DesRoche
Race 3 2:23.1
1. Dreams, own/dr Ryan Neill
2. Step On Nanny, own Melvin Gamester, dr. Clair Sweet
3. Julies Girl, own/dr. Aubin Doucette
4. Shang Hi Clyde, own. Kyle and Amy DesRoche, dr. Ryan DesRoche
5. Sindersoot, own. Ricky and Nancy Dunville, dr. Brandon Darrach
Race 4 2:15.2
1. Little Ben, own. Johny Jones, dr. Stuart Tremere
2. L H Danzel, own. Barbie Murphy, dr. Darren Baglole
3. Rags To Britches, own. Ricky and Nancy Dunville, dr. Brandon Darrach
4. Delicate Time, own/dr. Paul Conway
Race 5 2:15.2
1. Hawaiian Breeze, own/dr. Freeman Coughlin
2. Show Hall, own/dr. Clair Sweet
3. Mysty Fog, own/dr. Stuart Tremere
4. Gracies Flame, own.dr. Robbie Chappell
Race 6 2:15.3
1. Sherwood Dexter, own. Byron Gamester, dr. Phillip DesRoche
2. Fabulous Alberta, own/dr. Terry Shea
3. JIS own/dr. Terry Shea
Race 7 2:15.3
1. Marfas Vineyard, own. Mary Jean Noye, dr. Ryan Neill
2. Just Like Mom, own/dr. Stuart Tremere
3. Tobins Quick, own/dr. Terry Shea
4. Windemere Dawn, own. Byron Gamester, dr. Clair Sweet
Race 8 2:11.1
1. Butterscotch Belle, own. Olive Darrach, dr. Brandon Darrach
2. Rivervue Jameen, own/dr. Ryan DesRoche
3. Disco Dot, own/dr. Cam Trail
4. Pictonian Press, own/dr. Billy Folland
5. Nico, own/dr. Harold Hill
6. Stracor, own. Megan and Brady Sweet, dr. Stephen Sweet

Change In Post Time at O’Leary

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Please note that the Saturday races at O’Leary with 2 p.m. post times have been changed to a 1 o’clock post time in order to accommodate horsemen who have to race in Charlottetown.
June 11 is the first race at the Willis track and post time is 1 p.m.