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2011 Directors’ Meeting

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April 19 Matinee Racetracks Directors’ Meeting

Present: Orville Willis (O’Leary), Clair Sweet (O’Leary), Melvin Gamester (member at large), Jennifer Parsons (member at large), Robert Parsons (member at large), Ed Doucette (Kensington), Lowell Large (Pinette), Raymond White (Pinette), Jay Noye (member at large), Allan Shaw (Alberton), Kent Oakes (Department of Agriculture), Wayne Pike (PEI Harness Racing Industry Association).

Kent Oakes opened the meeting by confirming that, pending the passing of the present budget, the money contributed by the government would remain the same as last year, $15,000 for travel allowance to the matinee tracks and $2,500 administration, at total of $17,500.

Wayne Pike gave a history and summary of the new report on harness racing, a report that shows a thriving harness racing business on the Island and the need for a creation of 8 new committees to continue the forward momentum. The report also complimented the grass roots success of the matinee racetracks and their contribution to the health of provincial racing, a positive attitude towards racing, and their value in attracting youth and family.

Discussion of the Status of 2010 Changes

The travel incentive was discussed at length, with Clair Sweet proposing a change to $25 per horse and $50 for horses shipped 50 kilometres or more. The motion was passed.

A no whipping or no whip rule was established at the 2010 meeting and this rule was discussed, especially the hardship to trainers with young horses. Consensus was to keep the “no whip” rule and enforce it by withholding travel incentive and points. Several additions to the rule, such as drinking before or during the races, kicking and similar actions having the potential to upset spectators were added. It was agreed that a horseman who was racing a young horse for experience and needed to carry a whip would be allowed to race but would not be eligible for points or travel incentive.

The question of unfit horses was brought up and it was decided that a press release should be issued explaining that unfit horses could and would be refused entry by any individual track.

Women’s racing is to be encouraged at O’Leary and Pinette, as well as the two tracks that created special races for women in 2010, Kensington and Tyne Valley.

New Business:
Top Class Horses: The horses in the top class of each Challenge Series were traditionally not eligible for points. Jay Noye requested that they be awarded points and be given their own race at the Finals at Summerside. It was decided that a fourth Final would be created and one horse racing in the Challenge Series from each track would be eligible, according to points, as well as two or more, as neccessary, from horsemen shipping in to race at the Challenge Series.

Jay Noye has volunteered his time to update the Matinee Racetracks website, including entries and results from each track.

A Family Day was suggested for a Matinee Race to be held at Summerside Raceway, which would include an open paddock and rides on the double seater jog carts.

Allan Shaw announced that the racetrack at Alberton was applying for help with improvements to the track and stabling area and was planning to create a West Prince Racing Museum on the site. Because the Prince County Exhibition has gone from four days to three, Alberton has lost a matinee race date and he requested an extra date in May. This date was approved and will be the first Challenge Series date.

Raymond White stated that Pinette Raceway was switching their traditional Wednesday evening racing to Sundays for 2011.

2011 Race Dates

May 21 Alberton 2 p.m.
June 11 O’Leary 2 p.m.
June 19 Pinette 1:30 p.m.
July 9 O’Leary 2 p.m.
July 23 O’Leary 2:30 p.m. Potato Festival
July 30 Alberton 2 p.m. Prince County Exhibiton
August 7 Pinette 1:30 Kilted Pace
August 7 Tyne Valley 12 Noon Oyster Festival
August 21 Pinette 1:30
August 28 Kensington 2 p.m.
September 10 O’Leary 2 p.m. Childrens Wish
September 21 Summerside Finals