Awards Banquet Sponsors

There were some very generous sponsors for the door prizes at the PEIHRIA & Matinee Tracks awards banquet this year and everyone present was very appreciative. The companies and individuals that donated door prizes in 2010 are:
Phillips Feed Service
By The River Bakery & Cafe
Kensington Country Store
Clows Red & White
Clarence Farm Services
Circle K Hunter River
Save Easy, Kensington
Murphys Pharmacy, Kensington
Maritime Tack & Supply (Chuckys)
Hunter River Pharmacy
Greenhawk, Charlottetown
Charlottetown Veterinary Clinic
Kensington Veterinary Clinic
Agro Co-op, Charlottetown
Kenmac Energy
Blois & Uldine Dickieson
Byron & Mary Gamester
Bobby McDougall
Kent Building Supplies, Bloomfield
KFC, Bloomfield,
Price Choppers, Bloomfield
O’Leary Farmers Co-op
Grecos, Bloomfield
O’Leary Auto Parts
O’Leary Guardian Drugs
Bloomfield Cat Dealer
Vinnys Restaurant, O’Leary
Green Diamond John Deere, O’Leary
Terry & Bridgette Shea

A big “thank you” to all of the generous sponsors.

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