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Alberton Race Change

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The Prince County Exhibition, traditionally scheduled from Thursday to Sunday has changed their dates this year. The exhibition will run from Friday, July 30th to Sunday, August 1st. The Matinee Racetracks Challenge Series will race only on Saturday, July 31st with a 2 p.m. post time.
Wendy Warren of the exhibition board says they are planning another race at the Alberton fairgrounds at a later date, not yet specified.
There was concern from the board that the races are not well attended. The new “no whip” racing should have a positive effect on attracting spectators, but it will take time for people to realize the change. Anyone involved with matinee racing who wants to see racing continue at Alberton or any other track should make sure they talk up our matinee racing with anybody who will listen and invite as many people out to watch the races as possible. Make our races and our backstretches places where people want to bring their families and friends. Grassroots racing is dying all across North America and we are the only ones who can keep it alive on this Island, but it’s going to take all of us doing our little bit to bring in more people.

June 12th at O’Leary

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The Matinee Championship Series started Saturday, June 12th, at the Charles F Willis Memorial Racetrack in O‘Leary, with one very important change. Track directors at their annual meeting decided to institute a “no whip” rule for racing in the series. It made for a more exciting afternoon, sounding like old-time racing, with drivers yelling as they urged their horses down the stretch.
It was racing at its best, with a beautiful, sunny day, a well groomed track, brand-new ship in stalls, orderly post parades and families out enjoying the afternoon in the renovated grandstand. Next Series date is Wednesday, June 16th at Pinette, with post time at 6 p.m.
Race 1
1. Ellie May, owned and driven by Terry Shea 2:22
2. Droppie Droppie, owned and driven by Johnny Jones
3. Windamere Dawn, owned by Byron Gamester, driven by Clair Sweet
4. DNF, broken equipment, Howmac Star Shark

Race 2
1. Fefifofum, oned and driven by Freeman Coughlin 2:12.2
2. Sherwood Dexter, owned by Byron Gamester, driven by Clair Sweet
3. Jasperfriendlybear, owned and driven by Terry Shea
4. Gold And Chances, owned and driven by Ryan DesRoche
5. Step On Nanny, owned by Byron Gamester

Race 3
1. Millar Millar, o Robert Parsons, d Erwin Neale 2:10
2. Roslyns Lady, o/d Clayton Adams
3. Blow Over, o/d Dana Sweet
4. Rags To Britches, o Nancy Darrach, d Brandon Darrach
5. Paper Boy o/d Aubin Doucette
6. Misty Fog, o/d Stuart Tremere

Race 4
1. Glengyle Cody o/d Freeman Coughlin 2:12
2. Bunny Wabbit o/d Aubin Doucette
3. J I S o/d Clayton Adams
4. The Magic Fit o Harold Darrach, d Brandon Darrach
5. Speedy Abe o Melvin Gamester d Clair Sweet
Race 5
1. Lucky Northern star o Chris Wallace, d Devon Wallace 2:06.4
2. PW Feisty o/d Clair Sweet
3. Southern Peewee o Ken, David & Ellis Sweet d Ralph Sweet
4. Butterscotch Belle o Nancy Darrach, d Brandon Darrach
5. Dandys X Ample o/d Dana Sweet

Race 6
1. Brace For The Chill o/d Freeman Coughlin 2:04.1
2. Kaitlyn Rose o Ellis Sweet, Dale Wood d Ralph Sweet
3. Rivervue Jameen o/d Ryan DesRoche

Racing without whips

Racing without whips

New ship-in barn at O'Leary

New ship-in barn at O'Leary