Directors’ Meeting

A Matinee Racetrack Directors’ Meeting took place Monday, March 29th in Kensington.
Approved unanimously were some changes to the matinee Challenge Series program, including,
a no whipping rule, an additional race date in O’Leary and a change in the travel allowance.

Since one of the goals of matinee racing is to attract new fans, particularly young people, to
harness racing, it was suggested that we should set the standard for fan-friendly racing and
sportsmanship, and therefore, the Challenge Series races will take place with no whipping allowed.

Directors from the track in O’Leary requested an additional race date, and have been granted
a fourth Challenge Series race to take place on Saturday, July 10th at 2 p.m.

There will no longer be a $70 travel allowance per horse for horsemen who truck 30 kilometres
or more each way. Instead, every horseman who races in a Challenge Series race will receive
a fee of $25 per horse, subject to money available. Horsemen racing in the Final at Summerside, will
receive a fee of $70 per horse.

All horsemen racing in Challenge Series races, with the exception of the Kilted Pace, must wear
white pants and a distinguishing jacket.

All Challenge Series horses must be entered a minimum of 2 days in advance of the race.
All tracks will have a maximum horse cap of 40 horses per race date, and some tracks have
instituted a 2 horse maximum per participant.

Plans are underway for a women’s race series to take place during the Challenge Series,
with a final at Summerside.

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